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VTN was founded in 1988 by Pastors Happy and Jeanne Caldwell as a result of a direct calling from God to reach the state of Arkansas with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. VTN is the only Christian Television Network headquartered in Arkansas. The reach of the network extends over half of Arkansas and into the boot-heel of Missouri as well as covering the Memphis area, along with coverage on over 200 cable systems, DirecTV, Dish and AT&T U-verse VTN.

We are honored to connect and partner with such a wonderful network, and with Pastors Happy and Jeanne Caldwell. Thank you to all of HIM’s partners who help to make this partnership possible. By sending HIM to the world every person who is touched by the message of the goodness of God goes to your account just as if you were the one physically ministering the message. God keeps good records! Thank You Partners!

Watch Experience Him with Tracy and Lori Harris on VTN on Fridays at 8:30 PM and 1:00 AM.

Experience HIM with Tracy Harris Television Report from VTN:

Brother Tracy Harris delivers an impactful program, uniquely teaching who we are in Christ with the life-changing message of Biblical faith. Experience HIM has once again become and important part of our programming as Brother Tracy continues to build a loyal audience.

General Programming Performance based on Television Ratings from ComScore Data Report Show:

Experience HIM consistently beats the programs airing at the same time on Daystar and TBN in our region with up to five ties the average audience size across your time slots!

Experience HIM has strong audience retention. Weaker shows tend to lose audience from the first quarter of an hour to the last quarter of an hour of the show. Viewers are staying glued. We are pleased to see such a solid viewer following.

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