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Daily Devotional

Dear Minister of the Gospel:

Many years ago these words were spoken by tongues and interpretation to Lori and me…

“You see, right now you’re running with the Footmen, but in the days ahead you’ll be called to run with the Horsemen. If you don’t learn to run with the Footmen right now, and not be weary, how, in the days ahead, will you learn to run with the horses that shall be called along thy side to enter in to the realm of the kingdom that I’ve called you into…”

In the days that these words were spoken, we were thinking it referred to challenges of the ministry, increased pace, higher level of authority, etc. At that time our limited understanding could not allow us to know that the Holy Spirit was talking about you, this time, and HIM Ministerial Affiliation (HIMMA).

You see, this time, the time of walking in the realm of the full manifestation of God’s glory, is where we are called, and you are the Horsemen called along our side to enter into that realm.

We are excited to have the opportunity to introduce to you an affiliation of ministry relationship and partnership that the Holy Spirit has asked us to make available to the Body of Christ.

Our heart is to see your life and ministry come into the fullness of its heavenly design. We, therefore, have released our faith for Romans 15:29, “and I am sure that, when I come unto you, I shall come in the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ,” to be manifested in the lives of all who are currently, and those who will become supernaturally connected to us.

Links have been provided for you to follow your heart into the harvest.

Running With the Horses,

Tracy & Lori Harris

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